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  1. I’d love too be able too try a free sample. I have Grand Mal seizures, and CBD is the only thing keeping me on this earth I truly believe it with all my heart & soul!!! I wish everybody with debilitating diseases could have access too this miracle plant!

  2. I would love the opportunity to try this! Please consider me, my life has been changed by CBD oil. I have a connective tissue disease and fibromyalgia. CBD oil has given me hope for the future.

  3. I would love to try. Been having chronic colitis pain and I have heard so many great things about CBD. It’s giving me hope for a pain free life . Would just love to look after my child and no be a grumpy mummy xx

  4. I would love to try these! I have PTSD, anxiety, BPD and chronic back injury and pain. I have tried oil, but would love to try the capsules please. I want to buy them but would like to make sure they work for me first as money is tight.

  5. I’m 53 and have had rheumatoid arthritis since 18 months old and in a wheelchair. I would really like to try these capsules.

  6. I would appreciate trying capsules instead of the CBD oil in the dropper. I have a nerve injury and CBD oil has helped a lot.

  7. I am very interested in trying CBD!!! I have anxiety issues and my wife has chronic pain. We have been researching and believe it would b very helpful!!

  8. I would love to give your product a try ! I’m a Army Veteran with severe back pain and anxiety ! Charlottes Web has helped in the past but I can’t afford the $150 plus a month !

  9. I have progressive multiple sclerosis and am on a chemo drug, I would love to see if this works for my mountain of symptoms

  10. My hubby has ET and I think this could helo him. Please consider him as he’s against pharmaceutical drugs!

  11. I would love to try some CBD capsules. I have suffered from chronic migraine for 40+ years. I have used CBD oil in the past, but want to try capsules for easier transporting. Thanks for considering me!

  12. I would love to have this for my wife, she suffers of very very bad migraine that she has to look herself in our room with no lights on. We find out that the CBD had help her a lot.

  13. I think this may be the thing that helps my hubby with his pain and help him relax more. 2 time bone cancer survivor.

  14. My grandfather could benefit greatly from this. He has diabetes, restless leg syndrome, horrible carpel tunnel where he can’t open his hands at all, and many more things going on.

  15. I have ankylosis spondylitis and would love to see if the CBD capsules could help my joint pain. I’d much rather use something natural than the opioids I’m prescribed.

  16. I would appreciate some of your free CBD. I am on a fixed income and my pain management Dr. wants me to try this for inflammation and insomnia. Thanks for your consideration.

  17. I’m a mess. I have a large fibroid, chronic pain, ptsd and depression. I was on Zoloft for two years and stopped taking it because I felt nothing. I couldn’t even feel that mom feeling when I embraced my kids. Trying to put off having a hysterectomy as I’ll turn 39 in a few weeks and if I make it to menopause I won’t need a hysterectomy. I’m hopeful that this capsule would be life changing!

  18. Just getting into CBD/hemp. I love it. Helps me relax and can focus better..not get distracted/annoyed by every sound/stimuli.

  19. I would love to try. I shattered my elbow and had to get a plate and 7 screws implanted and it’s very painful, especially in the colder months. I also suffer from severe anxiety.

  20. I would love to try out samples as I suffer from Fibromyalgia, Gastroparesis, IBS, Lyme and Anxiety to name some of the demons…

  21. I would love to try these! I’m trying your hemp extract already. I try these to see which is best for me. I have uncontrollable epilepsy ( even with large amounts of medication) and this is my last hope.

  22. Yes I’d love to try the cbd you are offering free for one week . That way I will hopefully be able to tell so many others of how it has helped my anxiety .

  23. I have an autoimmune condition called Transverse Myelitis abs there’s no cure. CBD would be a fantastic experiment!

  24. I would love to have a chance to share this with my mother! Fibromyalgia, Interstitial Cystitis, and a survivor of a near-crippling car accident. Many worthy candidates on here, so we’re grateful for the opportunity, but more happy to see this expanding into a more available market also!

  25. I would love to try these capsules for both my anxiety and my daughter’s pain from a very rare inflammatory bone disease.

  26. I would love to try it. With having Chronic Lyme disease, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, & Chronic Migraines, my pain level is off the charts. Being disabled limits my funds. I’ve heard many positive input on it.

  27. I would love to try this! I just got diagnosed with partial epilepsy. I also have anxiety and the medication I am taking for epilepsy isn’t good for anxiety. I heard wonderful feedback about CBD and epilepsy! It would be so great if I could try this out!

  28. My email was wrong. Sorry….
    Tension headaches that turn into migraines. Have 2 kids with chronic health issues And need relief and something to help me so I can take care if my kids.

  29. I’m sending A comment to see how I would be eligible to receive a trial of CBD oil or capsules, I suffer from five spinal traumas, Hip implant, pelvic fracture depression & anxiety and intestinal cancer at this time. thank you.

  30. Hi there my daughter 26yrs old has temporal lobe epilepsy. I have taken her off pharma because of the terrible side effects. I would highly appreciate the CBD oil extract which unfortunately is not available in South Africa. Thank you!

  31. I would love to try it. I have chronic neck and back pain from a car accident last year which I now have anxiety driving.

  32. I have a disability and currently take your cbd oil 2-3x daily for my chronic disorder. I am almost off my seizure medication …

    I would love to try the capsules! Please and thank you!!!!

  33. I would love to try your free hemp capsules. I’m recently purchased oil but cannot see how I can afford it long term. It is definitely helping. I need not find a more adorable solution because I’m on disability. Thank you!

  34. I would love my friend Sue Torinsky to be able to try this. She is in pain 24/7. She had a severe case of MD called Choco Marie Tooths.

  35. I would love for my brother to try these. He suffers from trigeminal neuralgia (sometimes called “the suicide disease) and his facial pain can be debilitating. He is also low income and this would be wonderful for him. Also a dear friend has had so many back surgeries she can’t keep up with how many. She has had fusions and disc surgeries, and currently has a disc pressing on a nerve.

  36. I would love to try these capsules. I have sever fibro and arthritis and can not take any alive etc due to kidney issues . My doctor has recommended this but don’t think I can afford it would love to see if it works for me thank you GWEN Moore

  37. I have severe fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis on both knees, spine and neck, I also suffer from chronic kidney disease and no medication is working for me, I would love to receive the free capsules.

  38. Hi, Tanya here, Barb’s friend from La. Hope you are doing well. I need some more ‘soul food’ capsules. I have never slept and felt better in my life. They’ve also shined a bright light into the darkness of grief I’ve been experiencing after the loss of both my parents just this past summer. I made a donation through my PayPal account. Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you so much Tanya! I’ll get those in the mail to you ASAP, and your donation will be helping me to send medicine to many others in need also!

  39. I would love to try your CBD capsules for my knee pain and anxiety. My husband and I would both love to become regular customers! What you are doing is amazing and only the beginning! I hope to become a part of this growing industry one day! Thank you for reading ♡

  40. I would love to try a free sample of your CBD capsules. I have Fibromyalgia and the Dr’s have run out of chemicals to try on me.

  41. I would love to give your CBD a try with myself and my daughter. I have severe depression and anxiety. I refuse to take anxiety meds. My daughyer begain having petit mal seizures in October. We have been in and out of Drs and hospitals trying to find a dr to help. Last couple weeks Ive been thinking about CBD and how it helped people I know with epilepsy.
    If you would be willing to help us try your CBD, I will be happy to write a review to help you out!

  42. I would love to win these for my father that are suffering with his depressions,anxiety , i know i will be purshasing off you after i have tried them thanks

  43. I would love a sample of these cbd capsules. I have sleep epilepsy which makes it difficult to get good sleep and in turn leaves me with horrible anxiety throughout my life.

  44. Hello! I deal with chronic back pain from surgery and complications. I miss being active and pain free. I would love to try this Cbd

  45. My 10 year old daughter has 2 types of absent seizures. She takes 250mg of depakote twice a day. She also suffers from anxiety and sensory disorders. I purchased CW mint chocolate CBD oil but she doesn’t like the way the oil feels in her mouth. Since I have MS, chronic fatigue, and anxiety myself I am taking the oil daily and its unbelievable the difference it has made in me !!!! I would like for her to try the capsules instead in hopes that it helps her anxiety and get her off the depakote..
    Thank you for offering a sample of your product !!!!

  46. I would love it for my sister who is 14year old suffers seizures up to 50 a day . It will help please can you help us. God bless you

  47. I was recently in an auto accident and have severe head and neck pain. I cant afford to go to the doctor. I appreciate your offering of CBS, I’ve heard it can help.

  48. I have been wanting to try CBD for my fibromyalgia and chronic lower back pain. I’ve read so much on it because I’m wanting to try it with my 2 daughters who have autism. I would really appreciate your help! Thanks!

  49. I would like my adult son to try this. He had traumatic brain from a motorbike accident. Also has back and knee pain as well as severe headaches. I have chronic headaches a d would like to try as well

  50. I started trying this product about a month ago and received my second shipment today. The biggest selling points for me are, it is 100 percent pure, not cut with watered down additives. Brian keeps himself well informed on the product he is offering unlike other vendors that don’t have a clue about anything since this is a fairly new product. Brian does his best to answer your questions and keep you well informed.

  51. Hi I’m Liz and I’ve had epilpsy for going on 17yrs now. Uncontrollable epilepsy…I am originally from Baltimore Maryland and was treated there along with other hospitals in MD. This past may I went to go see my new Dr in Florida after moving with my mother and now 2yr old son to FL. I was told I had no other options besides the last one he was giving me making it 4 medications I take to help control my seizures, but I have continued to have breakthrough seizures. I recently around the same time I began to see my new epileptologist I was put on medical marijuana which isn’t very easy in Florida they’re very controlling on the rules you can only vape. Not smoke so it’s vape juice. But I’ve been told to try full spectrum CBD…I am on SSI I’m a single mom but live with my mom but she doesn’t contribute to my CBD or mmj at all she doesn’t agree she’s older..old school.

  52. I got diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis last year & I am avoiding the medication that they are offering me. My pain level is about 1/8 on a good day I would love to try a sample of the CBD tablets.

  53. Thank you for your generosity! I would love a sample of your product. I have very recently began using CBD oil for my osteoarthritis (dx in my early 30’s) and spasms. It has helped me tremendously but I am interested in something other than the oil.

  54. I have just finished the free sample you have gifted me. I would like to continue taking it. But I can’t figure out how to order more. I see where I can make a donation. But how do I tell you my order?

    1. So glad to hear it is helping! Yes, simply just add a note when making your donation and tell me what you would like to receive as a gift for your contribution.

  55. Hi there,

    Thank you very much for what you do. I am new to CBD products and would like to try it to help ease my panic attacks. I had one that lasted all day and I was so scared. Now I know why people have suicidal thoughts. Just physically and mentally exhausted when you have panic attacks.

  56. Brian,
    I just received your samples a few days ago. I had to giggle just a little bit because as soon as I opened the envelope I could smell just how fresh your product was! Your suggestion on dosage and frequency per day is already noticeable on Day 4. I’m looking forward to ordering more and will be sending another donation soon. I admire your determination and commitment to serving your customers in need of high quality, reliable and responsibly sourced CBD!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words Michele! I’m so happy to hear they are helping you, and delighted to be able to help provide you the CBD you need!

  57. I would like to try your capsules for lower back pain. Oil has worked nicely, but I travel a lot and capsules would be more convenient.

  58. Hello I’m completely new to this and it has been suggested by friends. I have severe anxiety. Any suggestions would be great.

  59. I have Lupus and PTSD. I would like to try the capsules before I would purchase as I am on a very limited budget.

  60. Hi Brian I have neuropathy and leg stiffness from diabetes and spine problems can’t wait to try your pills please provide info and I will send donation by the way my cousins both went to Boston College also what is the most effective way to consume it

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