Many children and adults suffer from cancer, epilepsy, seizures, migraines, anxiety, arthritis, fibromyalgia, ptsd, Alzheimer’s, and other serious conditions which are easily remedied by the natural components found within hemp (primarily CBD and other cannabinoids). CBD is very unlike THC, in that you will not become intoxicated or get “high” from using it. CBD and other cannabinoids have even patented by the US Fed Gov for their expansive medical benefits and properties.  Our legal hemp today has been defined as being cannabis that has 0.3% (or less) of THC Delta9 in a dry weight. It is very safe and extremely effective for a variety of ailments, and I feel very strongly that we should have the right to grow our own natural medicine to help heal ourselves and others!

Although actual medicinal properties from cannabis are defined by the US Gov within patent US09674028, most (if not all) health insurance companies do not consider CBD as a real medicine, and therefore will not provide for it under their health coverage. This sadly forces low income families and individuals to solely rely upon risky synthetic pharmaceuticals- which may temporarily ease problems, but within usage usually creates horrible side effects and can permanently damage internal organs and systems, thus shortening life by many years.

In 2015, North Carolina adopted a Pilot Program allowing individuals to grow industrial and medical hemp, and I have been doing so on a volunteer basis at a local farm- following my dreams to help heal our society with cannabis. My 20years experience as a hydroponic gardener has been put to great use in producing medicine from the 800 plants at the farm of which I had propagated, grown, and nurtured through organic methods from clones to mature female plants.

I have since left that farm and its business, but my continued passion for medical cannabis has encouraged me to begin my own cause for cannabis by starting this website to provide a helping hand to those in need now, and in the future. My own fibromyalgia, ruptured disc, nerve pain, muscle spasms, and anxiety symptoms has been dramatically eased by using fresh/ “High CBD” hemp- I smoke it, I take capsules, I cook with it, and I also give it to my son because it helps him keep focus and get much better sleep! The benefits have been astronomical for my conditions and help my son greatly, but I also realize the life-saving need of CBD for a many others who experience much worse conditions, and so I offer my: passion, expertise, and resources to others as part of my commitment to health&humanity.

Donations will be funding a 24×20 greenhouse, indoor hydroponic systems, and raised outdoor planters to grow as much medicine as possible. I am beginning this cause with my own equipment, time, money, land, and resources, but I will need more help to expand this project much further. The entire indoor and outdoor grow project will not only provide necessary medicine to those in need, but it will also be a community outreach to future organic farmers and cannabis cultivators, while contributing to continued hemp research thru the NC Extension of “Specialized Crops”. My son and I will be transforming our family’s 1 acre NC home and property into a “haven of hemp”, that will improve and save many lives by the precious component of CBD from hemp with my experience as an entrepreneur, hydroponic/organic farmer, and small-time philanthropist.

Our efforts are for compassion and not for profit, my aim is to provide little to no cost medication for low income families, veterans, elderly, and anyone who is in need. My passions and future goals include forming an alliance of local hemp growers (per region), who come together as a collective and within their own regions to help teach NC residents how to attain their own permits and grow their own natural medicine (preferably thru organic methods with natural insectivores, beneficial organisms, and other amendments). We need to continue to promote urban development programs for community properties which provide organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and livestock, while teaching people how to provide for themselves and others thru small business ventures focused on health and humanity by creating healthier communities.

It just isn’t fair to keep hemp “jailed up” in some states, while able to grow in others…and capitalism is fine, but we should never capitalize on matters of peoples’ health, especially while profiting on the weak&fragile. We need to be allowed to grow our own natural medicine, just the same as we can grow our own fruits, vegetables, flowers, and raise livestock. The beginning is here, the road is long, but I am proud to be living in this era when natural herbal medicines are re-birthing and people are realizing the need for real nutrition, hemp IS the answer, and I am here to help do my part!

With your funding help, we can achieve these goals together and provide much needed medicine for those in serious need, while helping to educate others on how to do the same.
I sincerely thank you for your support,